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Elizabethville Hometown Heroes Banner Program  Frequently Asked Questions:
Does the service member have to be considered a veteran?
     No.  The service member has to have served previously, or currently serves in the Armed Forces of the United States of America.  

What happens if the banner is vandalized?  
     Some funds will be retained to replace a certain amount of banners if vandalism occurs.  

Can I fill out the application on line?           
     Not at this time.  Banner orders have closed for this banner series.  

How do I know what “Era” my service member served in?
     The Department of Defense offers official labels to the dates of service.  These can be found under the “Eras of Service” on the “Order Form” menu option on the website.  They can also be found on the back of the order brochure. 
When will banners be available again?
     In approximately 2 years  

Where do the proceeds go?          
     The proceeds of the program will benefit the Elizabethville Area Bicentennial Celebration 2017.   The American Legion Post 404 will take the program over after the Bicentennial.

Can I get my photo back that I submit?               
     Yes.  When you send in your order form, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope and your photo will be returned to you.  You can also avoid sending the original photo by sending in a good copy.  

Can I honor a friend or relative that lives outside of ELIZABETHVILLE?               
     Banners will honor veterans and active duty service persons with ties to Elizabethville and Washington Township, Elizabethville.  This could include those born in Elizabethville, Washington Township, Elizabethville resided or currently reside in Elizabethville, Washington Township, Elizabethville or relatives or close friends of those who meet the above criteria.
A photo release form signed by the person in the photo must accompany photos of living individuals.  Banners as surprises to living individuals are discouraged. 

Is there a fee to attend the Unveiling Ceremony?           
     No.  The ceremony is open to the public and free of charge.  Feel free to bring your own chairs.